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A Dental Company is All Smiles with our Customer Success services!

Company Profile

A dental company with a diverse portfolio in oral care, ophthalmology, and dermatology sought our services to boost its customer success program and increase customer lifetime- value (CLV). Its USP was an innovative dental product highly effective in fighting gum diseases, which the company sold through its website and Amazon e-commerce store.

The Challenges

The company grew steadily, but handling customer support and success became a challenge. Customer queries increased considerably, and post-sales engagement became a herculean task for the company. With no effective customer strategy, the company started losing customers, and eventually, the revenue started declining.

Our Solution

MyCustomer360 came to the rescue of the dental company and turned around its entire customer support and success strategy. Our motto was to transcend the relationship with the customers beyond the first purchase and build brand loyalty. Exceptional customer services using an integrated customer support strategy and proactive post-sales customer engagement increased customer retention rate and customer lifetime value. We became an extension of this dental company’s US team and helped them overhaul their customer support and success services.

The Outcome

The dental company is now fully focused on offering excellent dental care with its innovative products and putting smiles on its customer’s faces, given we are in charge of handling their customer success program. We continue to deliver measurable outcomes visible in the company’s steady growth, expansion, and increasing customer base with a solid retention rate. Our expertise in customer success is unparalleled, and we continue to help the company maximize sales by increasing recurring revenue with repeat purchases and cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

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