Blueprint for Building a Robust Offshore CX Team: MyCustomer360 announces An Exclusive Webinar on Setting up an Offshore Customer Experience Team

MyCustomer360, a leading customer management company offering premium services, is excited to announce a highly anticipated webinar on “How to set up an Offshore Customer Experience Team.” This exclusive online event will guide businesses in establishing and building an offshore customer experience [CX] team and streamline customer operations. Ms. Reshma Nigam, CEO of Markable Solutions/ MyCustomer360, will reveal the strategies for building a highly efficient customer experience team. Learn how to deliver superior customer experiences and build brand loyalty with an outsourced CX team.

Event Details:

  • Title: How to Set Up an Offshore Customer Experience Team 
  • Featured Speaker: Reshma Nigam, CEO of Markable Solutions/MyCustomer360
  • Date: [February 15, 2024]
  • Time: [11 am PST-12 pm PST]
  • Platform: [Online]
  • Registration Link: Click Here

About the Webinar

Customers’ demands are evolving rapidly. Competition has become fierce, and brands are trying relentlessly to serve customers with excellence. An enhanced customer experience helps businesses build brand loyalty and increase retention. An offshore customer experience team can be a huge asset for any business as it helps streamline customer support services and provide high customer satisfaction. 

However, establishing an overseas customer experience team requires an in-depth understanding of the outsourcing process, determining different factors like aligning the customer support team to the customers’ needs, evaluating the technology to be used, ensuring communication and collaboration between the offshore team and the internal teams, emphasizing on data security and compliance and so on. Our webinar, How to Set up an Offshore Customer Experience Team, will address all these and many more factors to help you build a great CX team and excel at managing it.

Learn from an industry expert who will provide valuable real-life stories on how other companies have done this. Figure out how you can use those insights to streamline your customer support operations cost-efficiently.

Webinar Highlights

  • Understanding the benefits of an offshore customer support team
  • Evaluation of key factors in selecting offshore locations/technology and support team
  • Measuring and improving the performance of offshore customer experience teams

Top Benefits of Attending the Webinar

    1. Access valuable industry insights: Learn from an expert who has helped many businesses build and manage offshore customer experience teams. Learn from real-life experiences to implement proven and successful CX strategies.
    2. Learn the best practices for setting up an Offshore CX team: Learn the key implementation strategies, technology integration, and best collaboration tools to build an efficient CX team.
    3. Risk Mitigation: Learn about the top challenges in building offshore CX teams, such as cultural differences, aligning the CX team with your company’s vision, overcoming data security issues, etc. 
    4. Networking Opportunities: Connect with other customer experience professionals.

Who Should Attend?

The webinar will offer valuable learning for customer success managers, business leaders, and professionals who prioritize customer experience and want to deliver high customer satisfaction. Whether you are a small or a mid-size company or operating on a large scale, you need a robust team to help you provide better customer experiences so that you can focus on revenue generation. The event offers key insights and actionable strategies to build a great team. Don’t miss out on the opportunity!

About the Speaker

Reshma Nigam, CEO of Markable Solutions/MyCustomer360, is our distinguished speaker at the webinar. She will bring a wealth of experience with her expertise in customer experience and support solutions. She started MyCustomer360 to help businesses streamline customer operations and provide end-to-end customer management solutions. She founded Markable Solutions to provide high-tech clients the opportunity to navigate the complex B2B space with her marketing and business acumen. Reshma also founded aMarketForce, a marketing services company, and ran it successfully for over a decade. She was Vice President of Medical Market Research at Frost and Sullivan and served as a Director of Marketing Operations at RightWorks. 

Reshma is on the Global Leadership Council at Lucas College and the Graduate School of Business at San Jose State University. She is a frequent speaker at marketing events and is an expert in customer operations and B2B marketing. She continues serving the business community with her in-depth knowledge and expertise. She loves helping businesses scale with innovative solutions.

About MyCustomer360

MyCustomer360 is a customer management company known for its premium customer management services. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Markable Solutions, a B2B marketing company headquartered in Silicon Valley, serving clients worldwide. The company offers Customer Support, Customer Success, and Customer Expansion services. It enables businesses to deliver stellar customer experiences at every touch point. The company strives to serve its clients with excellence through proactive customer management solutions.

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