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Beyond Phone Calls: Transforming Customer Support Services

Today, businesses operate in a technology-driven world where customer expectations have evolved more than ever. They are more aware, and their ‘wants’ have soared. Companies must keep pace with these expectations and reinvent their customer support services. They must go beyond phone call support and integrate a unified customer support strategy. They must leverage technology to deliver stellar customer experiences and prioritize customer success

Let’s discuss how a business can adopt a modern integrated approach to customer support and deliver high customer satisfaction. 

How to Deliver Excellent Customer Support?

You can follow a few strategic steps to ensure your customer support service aligns with your goals and keeps your customers loyal to your brand. 

  • Integrated Customer Support Strategy: Going beyond phone calls and serving customers with excellence involves adopting an integrated customer support strategy. A unified customer support service provides seamless customer interactions on all channels. Companies must unify their people (agents), processes, and technologies to deliver high customer satisfaction. The backend should work in sync so customers get a consistently great experience on all platforms. Companies must get a holistic view of customer interactions and journeys and optimize their workflow based on customer feedback. They must understand customer pain points and preferences and offer personalized support and recommendations. All these factors help improve customer satisfaction, increase retention, build brand loyalty, and expand customer accounts. 


  • Live Chat: Technology has evolved, and so have customers. They need instant gratification and quick answers to their queries. A survey by Forrester revealed that there has been a 24% increase in chat usage. Businesses have realized the importance of providing quick and real-time assistance to their users. Moreover, customers prefer live chat to get their inquiries answered because of its convenience and the fact that there is no wait time. (Source: SoftwareAdvice). Real-time communication helps prospects and customers make quick buying decisions. Businesses can drive the top-of-funnel leads to the bottom-of-funnel by offering quick customer support and start the nurturing process as quickly as possible. They can immediately tap into their interest and get the conversion rate soaring high.


  • Customer Success: The market is highly competitive, and businesses must focus on building a customer success strategy (CS). Customer-led growth is possible only when a company helps customers achieve their goals and fulfill their purpose of association with the business.  A dedicated CS team ensures your business achieves increased sales and growth objectives. A CS team will help boost retention, increase customer satisfaction, and maximize revenue.


  • Improve customer experience: Customer support shouldn’t be limited to answering queries post-sales or selling to prospects or existing customers. Instead, companies should improve customer experience (CX). CX is the overall experience your customers/ prospects have with your company. The customer’s perception of your business with every interaction eventually builds up and forms their experience. It is crucial to improve it by regularly gauging customer feedback and measuring it on various parameters with KPIs such as Net Promoter Score, Average Handling Time, and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) etc. A dedicated CX team can help you improve customer support. 


  • Use Latest Technology: Delivering high-quality customer support on every platform will require integrating the latest technology. Companies that offer AI-enabled customer service grow by 4-8% in revenue! AI-powered chatbots provide support in real-time, engage with prospects and customers, and provide them with instant query resolutions. Today, technology has become so advanced that chatbots can be trained to offer human-like responses to customers. Reducing the response time helps build trust and demonstrates the efficiency of the business in solving customers’ problems quickly. Also, chatbots are a great alternative to human agents in offering round-the-clock availability. Quick responses build trust, and customers/ leads can make buying decisions faster. Moreover, chatbots provide a consistent and uniform customer experience, letting businesses standardize the quality of their customer support. 
  • Personalization: According to McKinsey, 71 % of consumers expect personalized experiences. Today, customers yearn for personalization, hoping it can help businesses improve their customer acquisition numbers. Did you know that 57% of B2B retailers use behavioral data to personalize marketing emails, merchandising, and other messaging? Personalized guidance and recommendations give customers a sense of belonging, which leads to repeat purchases and account expansion. 


  • Analyze Data: Deep insights into your customer profiles and real-time information are a strong foundation for delivering the best customer support. Companies can use advanced CRMs, track customer history, and monitor real-time transactions to understand their preferences and issues. The CX and CS teams can map their efforts to the customer journey, deliver personalized suggestions, and improve customer support


How do you transform your customer support and go beyond phone calls?

Reinventing your customer support strategy can help you win your customer’s trust, deliver high satisfaction, and continuously meet their expectations. You need a plan and tailored solutions to help you adopt a holistic approach to customer management. Hiring a customer support specialist company that provides end-to-end customer management services will help you transform your customer support services. A customer management company would meet all your requirements by delivering an excellent customer experience, prioritizing customer success strategy, and increasing revenue through customer expansion services. They will manage your customers throughout their journey and ensure they reserve their loyalty to your brand.

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MyCustomer360 is a top customer management company headquartered in the Silicon Valley. It serves clients worldwide through its different services, such as customer support, customer success, and customer expansion. The experts understand your business and target audience and adopt the most appropriate strategy to help you deliver high-quality customer support. You can outsource a customer support team, benefit from their expertise, and maximize revenue.






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