Deliver Superior Customer Experiences with a 360-degree Customer Support Program

What is a 360-degree customer support system? 

360-degree customer support service is a comprehensive approach toward customer service and engagement. It involves offering a connected experience across all channels and providing a personalized and enhanced customer experience. Customer support solutions use data on the customer journey and track their interaction with the business on online platforms, and store visits. It helps to understand the customers’ pain points, preferences and predict their behavior.  Support services in the US help businesses benefit from comprehensive customer support programs.

 Why is the customer 360-degree program important?

Today businesses are focusing on integrating a 360-degree customer approach, leaving no stone unturned, to provide the best customer service on all the platforms. Let’s discuss why businesses need an integrated 360-degree approach in customer engagement.

  • Better customer experiences(CX): Companies use data insights to offer high customer satisfaction and personalized recommendations to expand customer relationships and build brand loyalty. Consistent high-quality experiences across online and offline channels build brand loyalty and help the business maximize revenue. Customer support solutions help companies achieve these goals. Support services US providers assist businesses in offering high-quality customer support services and an enhanced customer experience on all channels.


  • Better Customer Service: Businesses can expect a complete overhaul of their customer service support system with customer service solutions.By relying on the insights extracted from the customer journey, businesses can thoroughly understand the customer’s preferences and their grievances. Customers prefer to get immediate responses via an efficient grievance redressal mechanism that can solve their problems quickly. Customer data across multi-touch points lets the business efficiently address customer issues, provide instant query resolution and offer high customer satisfaction.


  • Better customer engagement:Today, advanced software solutions are available to track customer journeys which help to manage customer data across the customer lifecycle. 360-degree customer service solutions enable the sales and marketing department access customers’ information and help them make informed decisions. For instance, the data enables the marketing team to select appropriate content to engage with the customers. They can send promotional emails to existing buyers and engage prospects at the product discovery stage with email marketing encouraging them to access educational content such as whitepapers. Similarly, the sales team can be aware of the customer’s purchase history and engage them with upselling and cross-selling efforts to expand their relationship with the business.


  • Data-driven decision making: With a 360-degree program, a business obtains a holistic view of the customer’s journey, spots emerging trends, tweaks the existing sales and marketing strategies, foresees business opportunities, and increases sales. The center of all the decision-making is actionable insights and data that help improve customer experiences. A connected customer engagement approach allows businesses to stay ahead of the curve and maximize sales by understanding the customer’s wants at every stage of the customer journey.


The three pillars of the 360-degree customer engagement program

  • Customer Success Solution: Businesses need a comprehensive customer success solution that can help them provide a refined customer experience. Better customer service can prove to be a differentiating factor in a crowded marketplace, encouraging prospects to choose your business over your competitors. The program enables companies to offer an enhanced customer experience while onboarding new customers, giving customers a first glimpse into the business’ ways of engaging with the customers. The first impression is built with the onboarding process, and customer can foresee the relationship the company will build over the subsequent years. It helps to win the customers’ trust and build a long-term relationship.


  • Customer support solution: 360-degree customer support is necessary to ensure that the business can engage customers across various multi-touch points and provide a seamless experience across all channels. They must provide a consistently high-quality experience throughout the lifecycle to maintain brand loyalty and ensure business continuity. Companies can offer better customer support with immediate query resolution and increase the first call resolution (FCR) rate. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, and companies must focus on quality assurance in their customer services. They need to provide a connected and seamless customer experience across all the channels which is possible with a 360-degree customer support program. Support services US providers help companies anticipate customer issues, and fix the problem beforehand, with their 360-degree customer support program.


  • Customer Expansion solution: Customer expansion completes the entire spectrum of customer support services. Every business wants to expand the customer relationship by finding new upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Customer success is an ongoing process that begins with introducing the products and services to the customers, onboarding and helping them effectively use the products, and along the way, recommending relevant products. Cross-sell and upsell opportunities increase the revenue and expand the relationship with them.



We operate in a fast-evolving digital world, and so companies must adopt a proactive approach toward customer engagement and meet the customers’ increasing demands. Customers want to connect with a business via different channels. It can be over the phone, emails, or visits to the brick-and-mortar store. Businesses must be prepared to provide them with instant query resolution. They need to provide a unified experience, irrespective of the channel they choose. Providing a complete customer support environment stands on three pillars of customer success, customer support, and customer expansion. These three elements are critical in offering high customer satisfaction. However, companies can find it overwhelming to deal with revenue-generation activities and simultaneously handle customer support programs. Outsourcing the customer support services to a reliable customer support service company can help businesses manage their customers better and increase sales.


How can Markable Solutions help?


Outsourcing customer support services will help businesses get much-needed access to experts trained to offer streamlined customer support across all the customer touch points. We have helped a large number of companies in improving their customer support services which enabled them to attract and retain more customers. You can rely on Markable Solutions to provide a fully-connected experience to your customers.


Our 360-degree customer support program


Markable Solutions is a leading customer support service provider in the US. Our customer support, customer success, and customer expansion solutions are tailored-made to help businesses improve customer service, make better decisions, provide high customer satisfaction, and strengthen customer relationships. Curated by experts and backed by research, our programs are advanced solutions that help businesses steer ahead in the competition. For more information, feel free to visit .


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