What is the role of the Customer Success Manager?

Who is a customer success manager?

A customer success manager is a professional dedicated to building and sustaining long-term customer relationships. The person creates a customer success strategy and is responsible for providing high customer satisfaction, creating brand loyalty, and helping the business maximize revenue. The manager acts as a strong link between the customers and the company, helping the business understand its customers better. The main role of the managers is to closely connect with the customers, introduce them to the product, help them derive maximum value from their purchase, and recommend newer and relevant products. The managers work toward the success of the customer success programs and encourage brand loyalty. Customer success managers represent customers and advocate their needs, communicate their pain points and preferences, and make management take notice of their problems. They strive to offer high customer satisfaction and help create a happy customer base.

What is a customer success strategy?

The customer success strategy is a comprehensive program to ensure the long-term success and satisfaction of the customers. It consists of customer-oriented policies and procedures designed to provide an enhanced customer experience (CX), help customers derive maximum value from their purchases, and build strong relationships with the business. Customer success programs increase customer retention, boost sales by cross-sell and upsell opportunities and promote business growth. According to Business Wire.com, the global customer success platforms market is estimated to reach $3.1 billion by 2026.

Role of the customer success manager

According to Groove.com, the probability of selling to an existing happy customer is 14 times higher than to a new customer. The customers are the focal point in the customer success programs and businesses make sure that they offer better customer experiences throughout the customer lifecycle. A customer success manager reprises many roles. The manager performs strategic business functions that collectively offer high value to the customers and improved customer satisfaction. Let’s discuss the role of a customer success manager and how it is valuable to a business. Bain and Company say that businesses that offer great customer experience can increase their revenue by up to 8% above their competition.

  • Customer onboarding: Customer onboarding is a crucial process that introduces the customer to the brand and builds the first impression of the business. It is important the business provides a smooth onboarding process and offer the customer an enhanced customer experience. The customer success managers are responsible for ensuring a seamless transition for the customers and making them a critical part of the organization. Each customer should feel valued and so the manager takes care of the onboarding process. The managers help in early adoption as they hand-hold the customers into understanding the product and its functionality and ensure that they correctly use the product and derive the maximum value from it.


  • Establish a strong customer relationship: Businesses need to have a strong customer relationship because it ensures repeat purchases and more profitability for the business. The customer success manager will build trust with open communication and understand the customers’ opinions. This valuable customer feedback guides the business in creating better customer strategies and improving its customer policies. The manager is a strong link between the customers and the business that binds them together with meaningful communication, solving their issues promptly and offering high customer satisfaction. The manager lets the business obtain knowledge of the customer’s mindset, their preferences and correctly guides the business in aligning their strategies and customers’ policies to meet the customer’s expectations.


  • Customers’ representatives: The customer success manager act as the customers’ representatives, voices their opinion and gets their voice heard by the management. They are closely connected with the customers as they become the primary contact for them. They understand the customers’ needs better and can offer the best recommendations to management to improve the customer experience. The managers as part of the customer success program work closely with the management to provide high customer satisfaction.


  • Enhance the marketing campaign: The customer success manager is responsible for collecting customer feedback and documenting it to improve the customer experience. The manager collaborates with the sales and marketing team to help them create effective campaigns for customer engagement and boosting sales. They help them provide an enhanced customer experience, increase sales and boost brand loyalty. Did you know that bad customer experiences have a huge impact on sales? com has revealed that U.S. businesses lose $62 billion each year due to bad customer experiences! The customer success manager helps unify the efforts of the sales and marketing team and align their effort to achieve greater success in terms of better customer engagement and increased sales.


How can Markable Solutions help?

Markable Solutions is a reputed customer success management provider that offers a 3-tier customer success program. We have dedicated custom success managers who offer a meticulously designed customer service program divided into three segments, namely Customer Success, Customer Support, and Customer Expansion. Customer Success Solutions help businesses to create better and enhanced experiences with efficient onboarding and educating them on the products and services offered by the company. Our Customer support programs enable businesses to offer exceptional customer support and provide an enhanced CX. Immediate customer support and correct query resolutions help a business retain its customers’ faith and build brand loyalty.

The next step in customer onboarding is to sustain the customer relationship and continue it with cross-sell- and upsell opportunities. Our customer expansion plans are focused on expanding the customer account. Learn efficient ways from us to nurture customer relationships and eventually create a loyal customer base.

Get in touch with us and learn how we at Markable Solutions can enhance your relationship with your customers. We help you win your customer’s trust and create a systematic customer engagement process to boost profitability.


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