Top 5 customer service challenges & how to overcome them

Customer experiences are a determining factor in building brand loyalty. According to Khoros, 83% of consumers say that good customer service is one of the most important factors, outside of product and price, while making a buying decision. Good customer service is a crucial factor that motivates people to be associated with a business.


In a fiercely competitive marketplace, it’s vital to focus on creating positive customer experiences. The business needs to understand customers’ needs; proactively solve their problems, and strengthen the relationship to offer high customer satisfaction. But the road to the best customer support management is marred by several challenges. Let’s discuss customer service in detail, the challenges, and how businesses can overcome it.


What is customer support service?


Customer service is a multi-layered function involving different activities that combine to offer customers an enhanced customer experience. It includes responding to customers’ queries, solving their problems, educating them about new products and services, helping them use the product in the best possible manner, collecting their feedback, and being available to them 24×7. The main aim is to provide a better customer experience (CX) and build brand loyalty by maintaining and sustaining a long-term relationship with them.


According to Email Analytics, angry customers share negative customer experiences with an average of 15 people! Such negativity can ruin a brand’s reputation. But how does one meet the ever-changing customer expectations and keep generating revenue? Read on to know the customer service challenges and ways to combat them.


What are the top challenges in customer service? 


  • Evolved customer demands: Customer expectations have soared, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to meet them with the traditional approach. Today businesses need a comprehensive support solution that can help them proactively deal with customers’ issues. They need an AI-enabled support system to help them understand their customer’s problems and provide solutions that exceed their expectations. Customers want faster query resolutions. The agents need to be thoroughly trained in customer support programs. They need to have in-depth product knowledge, excellent communication skills, and amazing soft skills. Outsourced customer support services provide access to the expertise of trained agents who efficiently solve customers’ problems and offer an enhanced customer experience.


  • Handling customers’ issues: Agents must be prepared to handle complex customer issues and provide customers with high satisfaction. Often agents can experience language barriers and cultural differences that can prove to be a hindrance in offering better CX. If the live agents are unable to understand the customers’ problems, they cannot provide a solution. They can rely on technology to improve customer service such as text-to-speech software that can offer customer service in many global languages. Outsourcing service companies use the latest technology such as artificial speech recognition software to provide customer support service in multiple languages. The speech recognition software reads aloud a script in a human-like voice and communicates with the customers.


  • Lack of a unified customer experience:Today customers yearn for a unified experience from a business. Whether they contact the company via call centers, use chat support with live agents, or visit the online or offline stores, they want the best experience with the business. They need instant query resolutions, and it requires the business to have a strong and unified backend support system. They need to have a connected system that can give them a holistic view of the customer journey. Deep insights into the customer journey help to provide an enhanced experience and consistent experience at all the touch points. Customer Success, Customer Support and Customer expansion programs can help them in this endeavor.


  • No Customer feedback: Customer feedback helps a business improve its operations. It helps understand the customers’ knowledge of the product and educates them to use the products in the best possible manner. Here customer success service plays a crucial role in enabling the customer to use the product efficiently. Customer success services have become hugely popular in recent times because retaining customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. A study by Kolsky has revealed that customer acquisition costs are 6-7 times higher than customer retention. Customer success services play a prominent role in building brand loyalty and maximizing revenue. It also helps the business in customer expansion which lets it discover cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. You can rely on experts to integrate customer success programs into your customer engagement process.


  • Lack of Data: Businesses can’t solve customer issues without data on their customer service operations. Instead of customer data spread across disparate systems, businesses need one unified system to store and access data that agents can quickly access. Today advanced CRMs are available that act as a single source of data with advanced reporting capabilities. CRM offers intuitive reports that give in-depth insights into the customer journey that helps to provide better query resolutions.


Outsourcing customer support management services 

If you want to improve your customer service, it’s advisable to rely on customer support services experts. They have the requisite knowledge, experience, and technology to improve customer interactions and help you provide an enhanced customer experience. Markable Solutions offers a three-tier program that allows businesses to offer an improved customer experience and high customer satisfaction. Our Customer Success, Customer Support & Customer Expansion programs are built to improve customer service and build brand loyalty.


How does our program help?


  • Comprehensive view: Companies can provide excellent customer support based on a complete understanding of the customers’ problems. We help you provide a unified customer experience by adopting a holistic view of the entire business. We unify people, processes, and technology and offer tailored-made solutions to improve customer services. Our experts help provide a connected and consistent customer experience at all the touch points.


  • Scalability: Every business looks forward to growth and expansion after a certain period. We help organizations achieve their growth plans without any increased costs. We help them acquire customers and increase the retention rate, thereby maximizing profitability.


  • Cost-effectiveness: Expect excellent support services at a reasonable cost without making any radical changes in the allocated budgets. We have a dedicated team in the US ably supported by our Indian team, delivering high-quality services.


  • Bespoke solutions: We consider each business unique and offer customized solutions to meet your marketing requirement and help your business connect with your target audience. Our bespoke B2B marketing solutions will assist you in reinventing your marketing and improving the quality of customer engagement.


Transform your Customer Support Service with Markable Solutions





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